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Packing Day

Can I make it fit?

We woke up this morning excited to begin packing. I know it sounds silly, but we were looking forward to the challenge of packing a carry on for 14 days. I started by gathering all my liquids and cremes for the 3-1-1 bag. It looked like I wasn't going to be able to fit it all in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Kelly ended up having to take my conditioner and the wrinkle release in his bag. Kelly started by folding his shirts into the wrapping container. He was able to get all his shirts and pants in the container. I laid everything out on the floor and started getting nervous.

4 pants
11 shirts
2 skirts
3 sweaters
3 scarfs
3 underwear
2 bras
2 pairs of shoes
And a couple other small items
(See picture)

So I stared folding and magically it all fit. I even have a little extra room, so I think I'm gonna throw in my hair straightener!

The true test is when we get to our destination.

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Italy 2015

T minus 8 days to Italy

14 days In Italy with only a carry on. Yep the decision has been made to only take carry on and then the planning began. How many pairs of pants, shirts, shoes.......and undergarments. After watching several videos on YouTube and then visiting a travel supply store, we think we've found the answer. Three pairs of underwear for 14 days....can we do it.....it requires we wash them out every night. We purchased traveling underwear. "Traveling underwear?"you ask. Yep, underwear made for just what we are planning on doing. Quick drying material that allows them to dry in a couple hours. I can hear you now, "but underwear don't take up too much room, surely you can find a spare corner for many more pairs". Here's the issue, dirty clothes. Where do you put them when your moving every two to three days to a different city. You don't want to bundle them with clean items and the material most are made of can take three days to line dry in the bathroom. It's going to be an adventure, and it will all begin on Sept 7 when we board the plane for Rome with only three pairs of underwear.

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