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Another day in Venice

Winding up our trip

Today is officially our final day as tomorrow we travel by train to Milan where we are staying by the airport to prepare for our flight home on the 21.

So, today we woke up early and began walking. It was a lovely relaxing day wondering around the streets looking into shops and just enjoying being in a place we have never been before. We ended up at San Marco Square with about 50,000 other tourists.


It was the biggest crowd we have seen outside of Rome. We found a seat at an outside cafe and had a drink while watching the people walk by. At this point in the day it was overcast and the weather was wonderful. Later in the day the sun came out and it warmed up. This trip has been very warm with only one day of rain and that was when we were in Florence on the tour.

We had a small incident at this place, Louise was trying to feed a chip to a pigeon when a second pigeon jumped on her table. Then both pigeons began to fight, knocking the glasses off the table. Kelly was able to snap this photo at the perfect time. Poor Louise, she was surprised as is evident by the pic. We All got a good laugh from this pic:


We then walked a bit further and had lunch. Once again we were able to order the Diavolo Pizza. This one was good, but not as good as the first one we had in Sestra Levantre.

As we walked this morning, we took the opportunity to take a gondola ride. It was a good time, but we all felt like we couldn't make any quick moves or we would overturn the boat. Here's a couple pics from that ride. I look like I intentionally dressed like a gondola driver!



We saw the trash boat come today, it's fascinating how everything is done by boat, here is a pic of the boat picking up a dumpster.


To finish out our trip we had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant on the main canal. We toasted the ending of a great adventure with Limoncellos


Now we are getting ready for bed and the long day tomorrow as we travel to Milan.

Nighty night,

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A beautiful City

Today we left Sestra Levante and took the shuttle back to Florence. We then took the train to Venice. It was a two hour shuttle ride and then a two hour train ride. But Venice is worth it. No cars are allowed on Venice islands. Everything is done by boats. While eating dinner we saw a washing machine being delivered by boat and a lady being dropped off at her apartment by a boat ambulance. We were guessing that this was how they bring people home from a hospital stay. We saw the police boat. Looking forward to seeing the fire boat!

Here are a couple pics of Venice, it is pretty amazing.


I forgot to introduce you all to Gelata. Yes, the most amazing thing on this earth. I'm not usually an ice cream eater, but this stuff is amazing and they sell it on every block. I've tried a couple of favors, but Crema (vanilla) is my favorite.


Kelly had something interesting for dinner tonight. It was meatballs on Polenta. It was very tasty.


We found an interesting shop that sells wine from these weird barrels. They pump the wine into water bottles. It cost 2.30€ for 1.5 liters. Here's a couple pics. We bought it. It was pretty bad :), but didn't stop us from drinking it as we played cards in the hotel courtyard.


Tomorrow we plan on just wondering around Venice and taking a gondola ride. I also saw a place where you can get a pedicure where you put your feet in the water and the fish eat off the dead skin.....interesting, I'm thinking about trying that to!

Nighty night,

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Our final day with the tour group

Today we took the bus to the town of Santa Margherita and took the ferry to Portofino. Both of these villages are on the water and are primarily fishing villages. Portofino is a high end town that is frequented by the rich. While we were in town the Rolex Sailing Race was going on, sailboats were everywhere. We shopped the town and then headed back on the ferry to Santa Margherita for lunch. Last night we discovered a Pizza called Diavolo, which means spicy. It has spicy sausage and peppers and is delicious!

Back at the hotel, Kelly, Louise and I took off our shoes and walked in the Mediterranean Sea. This was a first. The water was initially cool and then felt wonderful, it has been unseasonably hot here in Italy.

Here are a couple of pictures

The buildings in both these towns are painted like art work on the outside, in one of the above pics you can see that they even painted sculptures on the wall to make it look like there were actually there.

This was one of those stands you could pose in. I was the only one willing to do it.


This is the beach bar area that is reserved for our hotel. It was a very nice set up,



This was taken while on the ferry of the shore line, beautiful sites all around.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Florence where we will take the train to Venice. We'll be in Venice for a couple of days and then take the train to Milan. The plan is to fly home on the 21.

The hotel in Venice does not provide free internet. I'll have to see what they plan on charging and hopefully it won't be much, so I can continue to update you. I'll be in touch,

Nightly night,

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Cinque Terre

Italy at its best

Today we rode the train and went into the hills to the Cinque Terre. This is an area of several small fishing villages built into the hills. These villages gee, but building up steep mountain faces. You'll see in the pictures I attach that they are not very big. There are about 600 people that live and work I these villages. Each morning he fishermen take their boats out and catch fresh fish that the restaurants cook up and serve to the many tourist that arrive. Each village was beautiful and unique as you will see by the pictures below. The train ride was the worst part of the journey as it was standing room only due to the tourist. The villages are spaced so that you could hike to them all thorough the mountains. Unfortunately we did not have the proper attire to do this, but it is definitely a very popular thing to do.

Here are some photos of the train and villages we visited.

This is our agenda for tomorrow, our last day of the group tour

This trip is winding down and we will soon be heading home.

Nighty night,

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Lucca and Pisa

Small Italian towns

Today we packed our bags and head out of our hotel to visit the towns of Lucca and Pisa. Both these towns are walled cities with old churches and old buildings. I have to admit, all the churches are running together (mom say a prayer for me). In Lucca we visited the home of Pucchini, an Italian composer, whom I didn't know about until this trip. In Pisa we visited the infamous leaning tower. Both cities were beautiful and had the typical European streets and shops. The highlight of today was arriving at our new hotel.....on the Italian Rivera. We can see the Sea from our balcony. The next three days we will be visiting the towns by the sea. Below are some photos from our day.

This is The village of Lucca


This is one of those groups that try to get money from the tourist...can you figure out how they are doing it...


Here is the leaning tower of Pisa....a sight I was excited to see


A couple of things about the leaning tower. First, in all the pictures you just see the tower, but it is actually right beside a huge church that is equally beautiful. Second, the tower is leaning because it is sinking on one side. This pic shows that the right is about 4 feet deep, while he left is only about 1 foot.


This was taken from the bus window on the way to the coast.....just what you imagine Italy to look like


And last but not least, a view from our new hotel room

Not bad, huh!

Here's our agenda for tomorrow

Nighty , night.

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